Perspectives: JAMNOLA

Perspectives: JAMNOLA

Country Roads Magazine, June 23, 2020
By Jordan LaHaye

Feathers. Feathers everywhere. As though a parakeet and a peacock threw a party––Mardi Gras-themed, of course, 79rs Gang playing somewhere in the background––feather chandeliers, a feather fireplace, a giant gilded bird cage, all crafted and curated by New Orleans costume designer and “rainbow lady” Julianne Lagniappe. It all leads gently to a video immersion tribute to Royce Osborne, featuring dazzling clips from his 2003 documentary All On a Mardi Gras Day––which honors the the culture of Black Carnival in New Orleans.

Eighteen New Orleans artists craft a Crescent-City-themed experiential museum in the Marigny

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