Chad Smith, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Chad Smith

Chad Smith has spent his career curating beauty and joy. Starting his career as a high-end fashion stylist, for the past 20 years Chad has been a luxury real estate photographer, overseeing art direction and styling for shoots from coast to coast. He now brings his creative vision to the JAMNOLA team—overseeing the merchandising and creative direction of this one-of-a-kind play space. Chad has a degree in cinematography and film production from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He lives in Bywater, New Orleans.

Jonny Liss, Co-Founder

Chad Smith

What started as one simple idea—to spark more smiles—has now become a reality. Jonny Liss is the visionary and Co-Founder of JAMNOLA (Joy-Art-Music/New Orleans). He began his marketing career in the beauty industry doing stints at Revlon, L’Oréal and Aveda in New York City. Jonny came to understand the relationship between happiness and well-being in his continuing role at Herbalife Nutrition. After spending more than 30 years in worldwide marketing, sales and events, Jonny and Chad came up with the idea of increasing and spreading joy through the experience of art, music and culture. He has a degree in marketing from Northeastern University and currently resides in Bywater, New Orleans.

Amber Soletti-Cabrera, VP of Marketing & Communications


Amber began her career in the beauty industry as a brand management professional recognized for her creativity and innovation at companies including Aveda, Avon and Rusk. An entrepreneur at heart, Amber founded popular NYC dating service, On Speed Dating, and also helped put rental car start-up, Silvercar, on the map which led to an eventual acquisition by Audi. She now brings her talents and experience to the JAMNOLA team overseeing all Marketing and PR initiatives. Amber earned her BBA in Business Marketing from the University of Texas-San Antonio and splits her time between New Orleans and Austin, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her 2 year old daughter, Nola. 

DC PauL, Community Outreach Manager


DC PauL’s 15-year career reflects his passion for performing arts and community connections. He is an actor, comedian, writer, cultural ambassador, and performance artist. He has worked with notable media outlets and local programming, including WBOK 1230 AM as producer and host of the highly-rated talk show and podcast “The Misbelief Radio Show” and New Orleans Jazz Market as host of “Wednesday Jam Sessions,” a weekly showcase featuring both local and traveling musicians, artists, and vendors. DC brings his industry knowledge and local connections to JAMNOLA as Community Outreach Manager. He was born and raised in New Orleans and realizes the importance of celebrating local artists, which he is excited to continue to do at JAMNOLA.

Where Y’Art, Curator, Artistic Director and Creative Partner of JAMNOLA

Where Y'Art is an art solutions based company and artists collective, representing a curated selection of more than 150 visual artists.  Rooted in a mission to build and sustain the New Orleans Art community, Where Y'Art works to create opportunities for Louisiana artists with their online platform and through art consulting, connecting artists with opportunities for sales, exposure and activations in the corporate, healthcare, hospitality and commercial industries.

Collin Ferguson, Where Y'Art 

Collin serves as co-founder & managing director of Where Y'Art.  Her love affair with New Orleans began at Tulane University, where she was torn between studying art and business. In 2011, after over six years overseas, she settled back in New Orleans as a visual artist and founded Birds of a Feather NOLA.  She witnessed firsthand the difficulties of arts promotion and marketing aong her fellow artists, and at the same time was approached by Cat Todd about a platform for Nola artists.  Where Y'Art was born.

Cat Todd, Where Y'Art

Cat Todd

Cat is the co-founder and creative director of Where Y'Art. Cat's passion for the arts is instinctual and stems from a lifetime surrounded by it.  With her roots in New Orleans, to growing up having an artist for a mother, and living and working for the past 20 years as a graphic designer both in the corporate field, as well as running her own branding and design business, Mama Roux Studio; Cat's history and experience drove her to envision a website where local art is easily accessible to the people. Together with Collin, designed Where Y'Art; a platform wholly dedicated to ensuring a future for local working artists, while doing our part to build and sustain the New Orleans art community.