Alexander Glustrom (“All on a Mardi Gras Day” (2003) - JAMNOLA edit)

Alexander has directed, shot, produced, and edited a wide variety of film projects ranging from commercial, music, and art videos that have reached hundreds of thousands online, to documentaries that have been featured in film festivals internationally. He has shot footage that has aired on HBO, CNN, Fusion,, Great Big Story and Democracy Now. He has also created a number of fundraising videos that have raised thousands of dollars for New Orleans youth programs. Alex's first feature film was the award winning documentary, Big Charity, which he directed, shot, produced and edited. It’s currently available on Amazon Prime. His second feature documentary "Mossville" has won more than fifteen awards at festivals around the world. Mossville is currently broadcasting nationally on PBS and is scheduled to be shown to the United Nations in Geneva in October of 2020.

Carl Joe Williams (George Porter Jr. portrait) 

Williams’ work has been displayed in several venues throughout the United States, including Journeys, an installation at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Williams’ Sculptural Trees installation on the median of Veterans Boulevard.

Instagram: @carl.joe.williams

Chad Smith (And The Bead Goes On) 

Chad Smith, a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art,  prides himself as a world traveler and embracer of all cultures. His influences are rooted from the places he's been and the people he's met along the way. As a resident of Bywater, his concern for the environment highly influences his art. His use of and attention to recycled and up cycled materials are apparent in his work. As the son of a photographer, Sanford B. Smith, photography runs though his veins and his eye is trained to compose.  His photography pays attention to our natural environment and the impact man has on it, often documenting the erosion and decimation of our living space by man himself.

Instagram: @chadsmith110

Charles Hoffacker (Go-Cup Portrait)

Artist Charles Hoffacker

Charles Hoffacker is largely considered a conceptual artist. His work is known to be provocative and thought provoking and forces the audience to confront the social issues of race, crime, and perception. His work has been featured in Vice Magazine, Huffington Post,, and more. He is currently showing at Graphite Gallery.

Instagram: @charles_hoffacker_fine_art

Courtney "Ceaux" Buckley (What's Your Jam? Mural)

Ceaux is a multidisciplinary artist whose robustly vivid paintings have pierced through the rich, pulsating cultural fabric of New Orleans and its people. His visual work has been featured and exhibited in an array of venues including Axiom Gallery, The Mckenna Museum of African American Art and Art Basel. Ceaux was trained at The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. 

Instagram: @ceauxartwork

Erika Goldring (Who Dot? Mosaic & Costume Closet Wallpaper Photographs) 

Erika Goldring loves a live show! For nearly twenty years, she has been covering music industry events, festivals and concerts all over the country, yet she always makes time to be back in New Orleans for Mardi Gras where you can find her on a Muses float or documenting the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians.

Her fine art photographs have been accepted into the Smithsonian’s Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, OH.  Most recently, Erika’s 15-year body of work documenting the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans was featured in Garden & Gun Magazine.

Instagram: @blondeambitiontour

George Porter Jr. (Music Curator)

Few bass players in the history of modern New Orleans music are as storied as George Porter Jr. During the course of a career spanning more then four decades, Porter has not only made a deep impression with his work in the Meters, but he's notched session work with artists as diverse as Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett, David Byrne, Patti LaBelle, Robbie Robertson, Tori Amos, Taj Mahal, Ryan Montbleau and live performances with Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Warren Haynes, John Scofield, Steve Kimock, Eric Krasno (and including recent studio releases with Warren Haynes and Bill Kreutzmann) just to name a few.  

Instagram: @georgeporterjr

Henry York (Photographer - Umbrella Strut)

Born in Queens New York, Henry has always been passioate for the people of his community.  His art is in the telling of the stories behind the faces while allowing the viewer a perspective they otherwise couldn't see.  Henry moved to the Crescent City in 2009 and his love for the city has kept him here ever since.  His deep roots in New Orleans culture are clearly expressed through his photography. Henry has established himself as one of New Orleans top cultural photographers.  Through his lens he has captured and honored countless important cultural leaders to share with his audience.

Instagram: @h.york696

Hugo Gyrl (Yeah You Write)

The pseudonym of a street artist and curator based in New Orleans. Their work can be seen on murals and gallery walls in most major cities. While Hugo Gyrl is often cloaked in costume, and their identity remains mostly a mystery, they have generated a cult following due to the comical innuendos and femme-friendly symbolism echoed in their art. Affirmative statements like “You Go Girl” can be seen on walls from the French Quarter to the Bywater. When not creating thought-provoking LGBTQIA-focused graphics, Hugo Gyrl is curating local exhibitions.

Instagram: @hugogyrl

Jacob Reptile (Garden of Legends’ Plants)

Jacob is the founder of the Aquarium Gallery & Studios in the Bywater and the co-creator of the Flaming Flagettes, an all-queer flag-core marching group bringing spirit and movement to the streets. He focuses on the recycling of matter both in nature and in the studio to make larger-than-life creatures and interactive curious objects realized with lush colors and sensory textures. 

Instagram: @jacobreptile

Jeremy Paten (What’s Your Jam?, Whacky World of Food)

Artist Jeremy Paten

Jeremy is a storyteller who shares his tale using the visual narrative as an avenue to express his feelings and to relate to the world around him. He is a New Orleans artist who works and lives Uptown. Jeremy’s hope is for his work to span cultural barriers and be accessible to any audience.Every person goes through an array of emotions in their daily lives: love, anger, happiness, joy, and sadness. These emotions tie us together as human beings. I strive for the viewer to deepen their gaze, connect with a part of the narrative, and experience an emotional journey.”

Instagram: @collectionofcollections

Jessica Strahan ("All on a Mardi Gras Day" (2003) - Royce Osborn Portrait)

Being born and raised in New Orleans has been an endless source of inspiration for me. The city's rich culture, distinct landmarks, and colorful (and tragic) history all shine through the worlds I create in my paintings. Known in the art world as "JHand," my work aims to capture all that makes my hometown special: the flavor, the essence, the jazz, the originality.

Instagram: @jhandpaints

Jon Sherman (About Face, Bead Obsession, Costume Closet, Mudbug Life)

Artist Jon Sherman

Jon Sherman, “Flavor Paper,” is known for creating compelling conversational wallpaper that flips tradition on its head. With an off-the-wall vision and passion for pushing the innovation envelope, Jon’s wallpaper creations result in elevated hand-screened prints and large format digital designs that are true works of art.

Instagram: @flavorpaper

Josh Hailey Studio (What’s Your JAM? Floor Mural)

Artist Josh Hailey

Hailey creates vibrant multidimensional works inspired by creative explorations in numerous mediums. Using the elements of color, form, texture, and photography he transforms spaces into visually enriching environments. His art reflects his love for travel, people and storytelling. Josh Hailey Studios has had work showcased in art galleries and museums and has permanent installations throughout the country.

Instagram: @joshhailey

Julianne Lagniappe (Feather Forest)

Lagniappe is a Creole word for ‘a little something extra,’ and to this artist it represents the grace of life. "It’s a philosophy I turn to, and it’s abundant in my life and work.”

A native New Orleanian artist, Julianne currently specializes in costume design and garment making. She has been sewing for 25 years. She also does acrylic and watercolor paints, knitting, serious glue gun crafting, and home decor projects. Her work is informed by the celebration and easy life of Mardi Gras, her travels, especially to Burning Man, and unexpected opportunities Julianne sees a well-made garment as the key to a successful adventure.

Instagram: @madebyjulianne

Kari Lee (Umbrella Strut)

Artist Kari Lee

With over 25 years in the production and event industry, Kari has put her strengths, knowledge and love for New Orleans, where she currently resides, into a new artistic adventure in bringing the Baby Doll inspired umbrellas to life. She is a Baby Doll for Big Chief Monk Boudreaux's Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indian Tribe. She currently has an Etsy shop where you can find these one-of-a-kind New Orleans Second Line must-haves, where even the likes of fashion and home designer Vera Wang has used Kari's umbrellas in her current wedding lines.

Instagram: @secondlinememoirdesigns

Khari Allen Lee – Musician – (Adinkrahene Sound Wall)

Artist Khari Allen Lee

As one of New Orleansmost-in-demand artists, saxophonist, educator, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Khari Allen Lee has performed and recorded with an incredible list of luminaries and legends . He is presently on the faculty at the University of New Orleans following his extended tenure at the prestigious New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA).

Instagram: @Khariallenlee

Milagros Collective (Spirit Trees)

Milagros Collective co-founders Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre create site-specific works that explore the history of place through striking arrangements of color and mark. With an exuberant style that champions the handmade and the intuitive, MILAGROS energizes public spaces with effervescent patterns that obliterate the seams between structures and highlight the unique attributes of the surrounding architecture.

Instagram: @milagrosyall

Marcus Brown (Adinkrahene Sound Wall))

Artist and Musician Marcus E. Brown

A native New Orleanian and NOCCA graduate, Marcus is an international sculptor, painter, educator, inventor, musician and an avant-garde sound performance artist. Brown developed a unique form of painting called Electro-sonic Painting, in which the artist paints with an amplified brush or tool used to simultaneously create a fine work of art as well as music. 

Instagram: @paintwithmusic

Noah Church (What’s Your Jam?)

Noah Church has lived in New Orleans for 14 years. He was raised in the hills of Louisville Kentucky and was drawn to the swamp by its musical allure and explosive creativity. Noah has traveled the country many times over spreading art and murals whence he goes. He has worked for Royal Artists Inc designing and painting parade floats for major krewes since 2014. Noah's vision of New Orleans entails all walks of life coming together to see what we have in common beneath the costumes, identities and masks this world prescribes to us.

Instagram: @noah_a_church

Pompadour Productions (Bling Bayou/Sound Garden)

Pompadour Productions is a New Orleans-based creative studio founded by Wyoming Quinn and F. Scott Greenfield. Working together since 2009, the designers collaborate on custom décor, event design, and collecting a unique selection of props and rentals.

Instagram: @pompadourproductions

Royce Osborn (“All on a Mardi Gras Day” (2003))

The exhibit honors the memory of documentary filmmaker Royce Osborn. He had worked in film and television for most of his adult life. He served as head writer of the NAACP Image Awards for Fox Television for twenty-five years and produced several other national shows and webcasts. He made If These Bricks Could Talk, featuring residents of the demolished Lafitte public-housing project; created Spirits of Congo Square; and was working on We Are Zulu, a documentary about the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

But Osborns page in the book of history is devoted to All on a Mardi Gras Day, the 2003 PBS documentary about black Carnival that he wrote and co-produced with Jerry Brock. We give special thanks to his wife Dama Fountain for collaboration on this exhibit and brother Alton Osborn for advising.

79rs Gang (“All on a Mardi Gras Day” - JAMNOLA edit)

Big Chiefs Romeo Bougere of the 9th Ward Hunters and Jermaine Bossier of the 7th Ward Creole Hunters came together to collaborate on the modern Mardi Gras Indian music project the 79rs Gang.

Bougere and Bossier grew up in Mardi Gras Indian families. In 2003, Bougere took over the tribe and the two chiefs put aside their differences and recorded their first album, Fire on the Bayou,” in 2013 (re-released by Sinking City Records in 2015). Their second full album, Expect the Unexpected,” was released on May 29. Its grounded in Mardi Gras Indian culture, chanting and percussion, but it embraces an array of New Orleans musical genres.

Special thanks to Lakou Mizik and Cumbancha @Lakoumizik

Instagram: @79rsgang

Robin Durand (Joy of Crawfish)

Robin Durand moved to New Orleans in 2000 after receiving his MFA from Louisiana State University. As a painter, he has shown with Cole Pratt Gallery, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, and Arther Roger Gallery, among others. His paintings are in private collections across the U.S. as well as the Masur Museum (Monroe, Louisiana), The Saratoga Collection (New Orleans), and the LSU Medical School Collection (New Orleans). He was an employee of Solomon Group, a New Orleans based event and fabrication company, for several years. During that time, he took the lead in developing their scenic and finishing departments. In the role of Lead Scenic, he helped build the “Campaigns of Courage” Exhibit for the WW2 Museum and a BB8 exhibit for Disney World, Orlando. As a freelancer, he has been a set-carpenter, scenic painter, sculptor, and prop-maker for many New Orleans made feature films. He’s painted over a dozen murals for Copeland’s Restaurants throughout the country and fabricated a large scale tree and canopy installation for the MAEXX Museum, Monroe, MS. He acted as lead-scenic for a SZA video and recently completed a large sculpture, commissioned by Laurie Anderson, for an upcoming exhibit with The Hirshorn Museum, Washington, DC.

Instagram: @robindurandart

Shel Roumillat (Costume Closet) 

Shel is the creator, owner, and operator of The New Orleans Costume Center, only a few doors down from JAMNOLA. She is very well known for her love of costuming around town in  New Orleans. She loves to take items that are old and make them into new and fabulous pieces of wearable art. The costumes she makes usually involve lots of feathers and sparkle, are meticulously detailed, and crafted with care. “I love to make costumes that are beautiful, that make you feel like a star, and that are functional—because you need to be comfortable to have a good time and to give a great performance.” 

Instagram: @nolacostumecenter

Skye Erie (Garden of Legends)

Skye Erie is a New Orleans raised, multimedia artist. After graduating from The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, she completed her B.F.A. in sculpture from Louisiana State University. Skye went on to receive her interdisciplinary M.F.A. from University of Ulster in Belfast. Since her return to New Orleans five years ago, Skye has worked in five different Mardi Gras and commercial studios as well as art directed on a few independent films. Skye currently is a sculptor for Royal Artists and lead sculptor for the Rex parade. She recently opened her own multimedia art studio, Skye Erie LLC, where she is currently in the design stages of a sculpture for a Louisiana State Park.

Instagram: @skyeerie