JAMNOLA is working with 18 New Orleans based artists to create this experience.  Here are just some of the amazing artists we are working with:

Josh Hailey Studio (Floor Mural) – Hailey creates vibrant multidimensional works inspired by creative explorations in numerous mediums. Using the elements of color, form, texture, and photography he transforms spaces into visually enriching environments. His art reflects his love for travel, people and storytelling.  Josh Hailey Studio's has had work showcased in art galleries and museums and has permanent installations throughout the country.

Milagros Collective (Spirit Bottle Room) – Co-founders Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre create site-specific works that explore the history of place through striking arrangements of color and mark. With an exuberant style that champions the handmade and the intuitive, MILAGROS energizes public spaces with effervescent patterns that obliterate the seams between structures and highlight the unique attributes of the surrounding architecture.

Courtney "Ceaux" Buckley (Mural) – Ceaux is a multidisciplinary artist whose robustly vivid paintings have pierced through the rich, pulsating cultural fabric of New Orleans and its people. His visual work has been featured and exhibited in an array of venues including Axiom Gallery, The Mckenna Museum of African American Art and ExhibitBE. Ceaux was trained at The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

Jon Sherman (Flavor Paper) – Jon Sherman, “Flavor Paper,” is known for creating compelling conversational wallpaper that flips tradition on its head. With an off-the-wall vision and passion for pushing the innovation envelope, Jon’s wallpaper creations result in elevated hand-screened prints and large format digital designs that are true works of art.

Marcus E. Brown (Sound Garden) – A native New Orleanian and NOCCA graduate, Marcus is an international sculptor, painter, educator, inventor, musician and an avant-garde sound performance artist. Brown developed a unique form of painting called Electro-sonic Painting, in which the artist paints with an amplified brush or tool used to simultaneously create a fine work of art as well as music. 

Hugo Gyrl -The pseudonym of a street artist and curator based in New Orleans. Their work can be seen on murals and gallery walls in most major cities. While Hugo Gyrl is often cloaked in costume, and their identity remains mostly a mystery, they have generated a cult following due to the comical innuendos and femme-friendly symbolism echoed in their art. Affirmative statements like “You Go Girl” can be seen on walls from the French Quarter to the Bywater. When not creating thought-provoking LGBTQIA-focused graphics, Hugo Gyrl is curating local exhibitions with performances like the celebrated drag wrestling match “ChokeHole” and the horror comedy play “The Subletter’s Omen.

”Pompadour Productions (Bling Bayou/Sound Garden) – Pompadour Productions is a New Orleans-based creative studio founded by Wyoming Quinn and F. Scott Greenfield. Working together since 2009, the designers collaborate on custom décor, event design, and collecting a unique selection of props and rentals.

Kari Lee (Umbrellas)- For the past ten Mardi Gras Kari has honorably walked alongside culture bearer and Mardi Gras Indian elder, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, and his Golden Eagles tribe as a Baby Doll. Self trained from watching him sew intricate suits taught her the value of tradition and the art of storytelling. The Baby Dolls are synonymous with pride and celebration as they ‘turn up and turn out’ in vivid, satin dresses and glorious, handmade, umbrellas. Along with brass bands and second lines, they are the very essence of New Orleans. Kari Lee’s umbrellas seek to harness the joie de vie of The New Orleans Baby Dolls and become an ambassador of their tradition that gets taken to the streets.

Molly Henderson (Jewelry)- Designer/artist working in multiple mediums. She has been creating unique and ethically made designs for more than 30 years. Pieces are created using all natural elements and upcycled/recycled materials.  Her education in the arts include fashion design, leather craft, woodworking and silversmithing. Her designs are Inspired by her world travels and especially her love of New Orleans music and culture.