NOLA Birthday Queen Kit: Birthday Queen Sash, Tiara, and Button

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Step into your royal celebration with our exclusive NOLA Birthday Queen Kit. Perfect for the queen of the day, this premium set includes everything you need to shine on your special day in the heart of New Orleans or anywhere!

Birthday Queen Sash, Tiara, and Button Details:

  1. JAMNOLA Gold & Purple Tiara: Embrace your inner queen with this dazzling tiara, exclusively available here. Representing JAMNOLA's colors, the sparking purple, teal & pink stones ensure you stand out in every crowd.

  2. "Birthday Queen" Glitter Sash: Make your birthday status known with this luxurious glitter sash. The elegant "Birthday Queen" inscription, set against shimmering fabric comes with a gold safety pin to secure together. 3.7" wide & 64" long.

  3. "It's My Birthday" Pinback Button: Add a playful flair with this eye-catching pinback button. Perfect for adding to your sash, outfit, or bag, it’s a fun way to announce your special day to everyone around.

  4. Starter Bills: Complete your royal ensemble with a couple of fake starter bills, a playful nod to the opulence of New Orleans and the tradition of pinning money on the birthday person's shirt. These bills add a whimsical touch to your photos and celebrations.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Authentic New Orleans Flair: Each item in this collection is inspired by the vibrant, eclectic spirit of New Orleans, making your birthday celebration unique and unforgettable.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with attention to detail, these items are designed to make you feel like true royalty.
  • Perfect for Photos: Capture stunning memories with accessories that pop in every picture.

Celebrate your birthday in true NOLA style with the NOLA Birthday Queen Kit. Whether you're parading through the French Quarter or dancing at a Mardi Gras ball, this set ensures you do it with unmatched elegance and flair.

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