Discover The Top 10 Things To Do and See In New Orleans’ Historic/Hip Bywater/Marigny Neighborhood

Discover The Top 10 Things To Do and See In New Orleans’ Historic/Hip Bywater/Marigny Neighborhood

The Bywater/Marigny nestled right below the French Quarter and along the Mississippi, offers a haven for foodies, culture seekers and music lovers with its blend of art, cuisine, and local charm. After immersing yourself in the historic French Quarter, venture into the Bywater/Marigny for an unforgettable experience. Here are the top ten activities to explore in these unique New Orleans neighborhoods:

1. Marigny Opera House: Cultural Performances

Check out the schedule at Marigny Opera House for captivating performances. From live music to dance shows, this historic venue celebrates artistic expression. Don’t miss a chance to be part of the audience.

2.JAMNOLA (Joy, Art, Music - New Orleans): A Colorful Adventure

Kick off your Bywater journey at JAMNOLA, an interactive art installation that celebrates the city’s vibrant culture. Enjoy immersive exhibits, snap Instagram-worthy photos, and revel in the spirit of New Orleans.

3. Satisfy Your Cravings at Elizabeth’s

When hunger strikes, Elizabeth’s is an absolute must-visit. This quirky gem has been dishing out comforting classics with a delightful twist since 1998. While their praline coated bacon steals the spotlight, the menu offers an array of tempting choices. Whether you’re craving breakfast favorites or hearty comfort food, Elizabeth’s has you covered!

4.Indulge in Delights at Bywater Bakery

Begin your morning with a visit to Bywater Bakery, a charming neighborhood gem. Nestled in a vibrant red building, this bakery offers locally crafted pastries and aromatic coffee that will awaken your senses. Also known for their grits cups, they have a vast selection of King cakes come Carnival season.

5.Studio Be: Artistic Exploration

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking art at Studio Be. This gallery, opened by Brandan BMike Odums, showcases his powerful murals and installations that focus on New Orleans culture and black heroes and icons. Explore the intersection of creativity and activism.

6.Discover the Enchanting Music Box Village

Music Box Village is a captivating haven where creativity, camaraderie, and culture intertwine. Within this extraordinary space, artist-crafted “musical houses” come alive, their harmonious sounds resonating throughout the area. Whether you choose to explore the whimsical surroundings or immerse yourself in their dynamic performance schedule, prepare for an unforgettable experience. From lively concerts to unique events, Music Box Village invites you to join the symphony of wonder!

7.Bratz Y’All: German Gastronomy

Savor authentic German flavors at Bratz Y’all! (617-B Piety St.). From bratwurst to schnitzel, their menu delights taste buds. Don’t forget the outdoor biergarten seating—perfect for enjoying a meal with friends (and furry companions).

8.The Country Club: Dining and Poolside Fun

Dine at The Country Club, where culinary excellence meets poolside relaxation. Sip cocktails, savor gourmet dishes, and unwind in the lush courtyard. A hidden oasis in the heart of Bywater.

9.The Rusty Rainbow Bridge / Crescent Park: Whimsical Wonders

Cross The Rusty Rainbow Bridge, an iconic pedestrian bridge adorned with colorful murals. Capture the magic of this quirky structure and enjoy the view of the Mississippi River. It also offers one of the finest viewpoints for witnessing the sunset against the backdrop of the New Orleans skyline. Take a Leisurely Stroll Along Crescent Park, which gracefully embraces the majestic Mississippi River. Immerse yourself in picturesque vistas, hop on a bike for a delightful ride, and relish the array of regular events.

10.El Alma Cafe: Latin Flavors

El Alma Cafe brings Latin-inspired cuisine to the Bywater. Explore bold flavors, sip on coffee, and savor the lively atmosphere. A must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Remember, the Bywater / Marigny is more than a neighborhood—it’s a tapestry of creativity, community, and unforgettable moments. Dive in and discover one of New Orleans’ lesser known neighborhood’s hidden gems!

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